Astrology Monthly Overview May 2018

Last month the masculine, martial Sign of Aries dominated proceedings, with chemical attacks, terrorist activity and military air strikes. So as we chasse into May, you will be pleased to know ‘Butch Cassidy’ steps back and we instead focus on the ‘Sundance kid’! For with the Sign of Taurus, the bull, taking the lead, this month we enter ‘Strictly bull room’!

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You could even go so far as to say there is a little ‘love in the air’ compared to April’s showers, as while last month’s Mars meant it was literally ‘reining men’, Venus ruled Taurus promises a more pleasurable start to May, with a Windsor Royal wedding and the birth in the family of Prince Louis Arthur!

The Sun in Taurus

As with the Sun in Taurus, there is a ‘step bull change’, as this Sign waltzes at a far leisurelier pace, content to ‘smell the roses’ and let the grass grow beneath their feet awhile. As with this Earth Sign we feel we are on more solid ground. Though, do not be lulled into a false sense of security, as even the Earth quakes and that bull can become ‘bucking bronco’ under pressure, as maybe evident this May when Uranus and Taurus butt heads!

Though the month opens with a bank holiday, but those seeking the quiet life maybe looking for a quick getaway this May, as everyday life still proves difficult. Due to challenging Cardinal aspects, as daily Mercury and shocking Uranus in Aries find themselves up against all three malefic Planets in Capricorn, as Mars and retrograde Saturn and Pluto come together, meaning there can be no moving on without confronting previous unresolved issues. While, this is further reinforced by the Taurus Sun, who faces a lashing from the Dragon’s head and tail, as the karmic Leo/Aquarius Moon’s nodes square up to it. With further friction from opposing retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio, creating the sensation in general that luck is in short supply.

Venus in Gemini squaring with Neptune in Pisces

Whilst, money and any luxuries seem to be also, as with Venus in Gemini squaring with Neptune in Pisces, there is uncertainty about resources, especially relating to youngsters and public services such as mental health, new available treatments and transportation. This continuing pretty much all month, as Venus leaves Gemini on the 19th, but is shortly replaced by the Sun entering Gemini on the 21st. However, the positive side of this planetary combination provides the impetus for great creative activity and curious inquiry. From mid-May this could in effect be quite literally groundbreaking, not only due to the abrasive movements of Taurus Mercury and Mars moving into Aquarius, but also the grand transition of the unpredictable, Outer Planet of Uranus into Taurus with the New Moon on the 15th.

As Uranus is traditionally associated with freedom-loving, rebellious, Air Sign, Aquarius, so finds itself grounded on ‘terra firma’. While, Taurus is not any more satisfied, preferring to play when the ‘ball is in their court’, not as ‘a bull caught’, due to Taurus Uranus being in its detriment. So both are in foreign territory and will surely struggle with the currency, as this bull is no ‘taureau de change’, desiring to uphold the status quo. So with Uranus in Taurus, the currency exchange will be electrical, as these two are poles apart. Therefore, it is little surprise that previous transits of Uranus in Taurus saw the spread of extremist groups, from the rise of Communism to the Fascist dictatorships of Hitler and Mussolini. Hence, radical groups may increase, as is highlighted of late amongst anti-Semitic expressions. With further sparks created by the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th along with Scorpio Jupiter opposing Uranus until November 7th, exerting power clashes concerning justice and personal finances. With ‘the bull and bears’ also feeling the effects, as sudden rises and falls in the stock and housing market are like ‘red flags to a to bull’.

Though, on a positive note, there may be great strides made regarding renewable energy and a return to previous outmoded food resources, such as the milkman. However, as Taurus governs individual wealth, adjustments to living off a smaller income maybe necessary, as financial enterprises are hit, in part from EU negotiations and US trade sanctions. With the Sun and Mercury in Taurus this month forcing individuals to question, how much we pay in versus what we get in return? As this month, Aries planets coupled with Aquarian energy stir up passions concerning our entitlement to individual freedom and restrictions imposed upon us. With the growing sense that many are continually paying out and just existing, rather than living, this further hitting home when Venus progresses into Cancer from the 20th opposing retrograde Saturn and Pluto, causing many to contemplate whether we have gone too far in the wrong direction and need to look to the past.

While globally, in terms of Mundane Astrology – Germany, Pakistan and Yemen face difficulties, with Micronesia, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Nicaragua, South Africa, Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe also headlined. As well as, Ireland, the US, UK and Tanzania creating interest. Meanwhile, Rome and China benefit from this month’s Luna activity, whereas it is more problematic for Australia, Russia, Mexico, Cuba, Egypt and Israel/Palestine, along with New York City. So this month, planetary wise as with any busy new Arrivals, it is always best to follow the Signs!

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell