Astrology Overview WC 11th January 2016

The week begins with the Venus Saturn conjunction still prominent. With the backdrop for the last weeks late New Moon in Capricorn (square Uranus) also still to the fore, a more Saturnian vibe does start this week off.

However, there is a subtle interplay, because Venus then goes on to forge a really enterprising angle with Uranus, itself been causing mischief in its angle with Pluto in Capricorn, and where at the start of the week, solutions may seem to be challenging, conversations testing, with a little patience and an openness to new possibilities things can actually improve. For some lucky people an unexpected and delightful conversation meeting, or date can illuminate the second half of this week.

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HoroscopeAce App for Facebook, iOS and Android

Yet, there’s more going on to share with you, not least that from Tuesday through to the end of the week, the two planets which are in a retrograde motion just now, of Mercury and Jupiter, respectively, forge an absolutely beautiful link. That this rings a Bell it’s because they were forging this lovely alliance just before Christmas. This time I feel we may benefit from grappling with situations that haven’t worked out as we hoped before. This may mean being more realistic, being conscious of details, but it doesn’t mean to say that we can’t be enterprising, and especially around business matters or financial management. Health matters may also gain from a deeper analysis.

Mars also forges an inspiring link with Neptune for the whole of the week. Now when these two get-together in a in a tricky a context, they really can cause mayhem, especially around concealment, dishonesty, deception, and self delusion. This time they jointly ask us to be a little more self-sacrificing, to be more conscious of the spiritual potentials that life does creates, and a park our own desires slightly further down our list of priorities.

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell