Astrology Overview WC 2nd June

From Monday to Wednesday the Sun continues to forge a very powerful angle to Mars. This is a real “go-getter” and pushes us to more determined, strong-willed, and energised.

Sincere love with Venus?

Yet also from Monday through to Friday, Venus is forging a gorgeous link to Neptune. This is one of the most awe-inspiring of aspects that can be generated. It can lead to “true love”. Now I don’t say this lightly, for it’s important not to be trite. But if you are fortunate enough to meet someone at this time who really inspires you, and for both of you it’s a relationship that you wish to pursue in a spiritual, as well as romantic way, it could turn out to be the real deal. Equally, hopes can be crushed if someone talks, but fails to walk, when it comes sincerity.

 Pluto brings extra depth

Venus also forges Friday through to Sunday an excellent angle to Pluto. This helps us all to appreciate the quality of the links in our lives, and you may find yourself taking someone for granted much less, or seeing that somebody does add value to your life even if this hadn’t been so obvious before.

The Sun sparkles with Uranus 

From Tuesday to Sunday the Sun in Gemini also forges a fine link to Uranus. This is a very enlivening planetary aspect, one which urges us to be more daring in our approach, to think outside the box and embrace innovation, and resist more conservative attitudes – even within ourselves.

 The Quarter Moon in Virgo

Thursday’s Quarter Moon however, sees the Sun clashing with the Moon in Virgo. The influence of this will last one week, but will be at its most potent at this point. This cautions us to not rush around trying to achieve too many things at once and slow down, make a plan, and not get distracted.

Mercury rewinds in Cancer

On Saturday, Mercury begins its second retrograde phase of the year, in the sign of Cancer. This is a tricky influence because Mercury is not overly comfortable in the sign of Crab and can see us be more subjective in our thinking. Some of the complexity that the retrograde brings, means the need to be even more transparent and clear in our communication is going to be vital. Expect to see industrial disputes or problems focused on flooding, ports, fishing and ferries. If you are travelling at this time, as ever, prepare a Plan B.

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell