Astrology Overview for WC 18th January, 2016

The week begins with the emphasis still on the sign of Capricorn. Mercury though in the sign connects with Pluto which can create a tremendous amount of intensity. Our thoughts and even our nervous systems can be that much more revved up. The secret is going to be in not taking ourselves too seriously and […]

Astrology Overview WC 11th January 2016

The week begins with the Venus Saturn conjunction still prominent. With the backdrop for the last weeks late New Moon in Capricorn (square Uranus) also still to the fore, a more Saturnian vibe does start this week off. However, there is a subtle interplay, because Venus then goes on to forge a really enterprising angle […]

Astrology Overview October 2015

If the twelve months of the year were compared to a collection of Fairytales, then the tenth month of October would surely be Snow White, the fairest of them all, due to the month commencing with the Sun shining in the balanced Sign of Libra. For the Air Sign of Libra may be no Snow […]