There are many different ways to try to predict future trends, some can be complex, yet others are very simple. One of the simplest must be Bibliomancy. Biblio refers to the use of books as a means to assess the future.


Any book can be used, although sacred texts seem to have a long history of being utilised this way. There are various methods used in bibliomancy, here are a few.

Method One

You will need:

A random way of generating numbers (picking numbers from a telephone directory, using bar codes, or code numbers from catalogues etc.) and also a book.

Concentrate on a question.

Add the digits you have picked at random together (for example: 24, 5, 10. becomes 2+4+5+1+0= 12, this means you would turn to page 12).

Repeat the procedure again with different numbers (for example: 100+25+15. becomes 1+0+0+2+5+1+5= 14, this means you would read the 14th line down).

The text could then tell you something about your question, either the answer or how to approach producing a solution.

Method Two

Visit a library; wander around the shelves whilst concentrating on a question. Take a book randomly from one of the shelves. Pick a page number at random and you may have the answer to your question, or at least a useful insight.

Method Three

If you find a book which has fallen on the floor, pick it up. Concentrate on and question or issue. Then think of a number and open it on the corresponding page. I can’t guarantee a useful answer but if nothing else you’ll have a tidy room!

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