26th March Birthday Horoscope – Keira Knightley

Birthday Horoscope 26th March Bend it Like Beckham saw Keira Knightley reach her goal of becoming a well recognised actress. The following year, she struck pure gold in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Birthday Horoscope 26th March

keira-knightley-beauty-vogue-10sep14-rex_bKeira is now one of the world’s highest paid actresses, and today she is celebrating her 30th birthday.

Daily Horoscopes 26th March

How was your day yesterday? Were you as dreamy as I was? Of course the Moon aspected Saturn yesterday, but from Virgo. Hopefully today will be a whole lot less zonked out for this space cadet! And with Mars starting to spark brilliantly with Jupiter, and this being go-getting aspect of some repute, it is all to play for. The only thing to guard against is over confidence! Yet the Sun and Venus remain nicely close together, and the Moon in Virgo, will by midnight have passed into Libra.  To discover how this will unfold for your zodiac sign please join me for your FREE Daily Horoscopes.

Celebrity Relationships
Here are a few Aries celebrities born on March 26th and their past or present romantic connections:
Diana Ross (Aries) and Warren Beatty (Aries)
Jennifer Grey (Aries) and Johnny Depp (Gemini)

Daily Chinese Horoscopes

My latest new addition are FREE Chinese Horoscopes for all Chinese animal signs Rat through to Pig. Please join me for more…

More March 26 Birthday Astrology
March 26 is associated with Birthday Number 11
March 26 is associated with Tarot Card 2 of Wands

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