Lavender and astrology

You can’t seem to walk past a garden centre or even a supermarket at the moment without the sight and smell of lavender plants being offered for sale. This plant which arrived in the British Isles with the Romans may seem so widespread as to barely merit a second glance but this popular shrub, has a folklore as rich as its scent.

Aqua Vitae

There are some things which are essential for life on Earth and I don’t mean chocolate, no, I’m thinking of air, sunlight, gravity and of course water. Water covers much of the Earth but that hasn’t stopped folks from even the dampest climates acknowledging a special relationship between life and those magical molecules of hydrogen and oxygen.

In Defence of Astrology…

January 2011 saw astrology being brought into focus as a pseudo science once more, but what about factual evidence? We know astrology has a bad name with many scientists but this is partly due to Sun sign astrology or zodiac signs, but this is a very basic guide and a proper natal interpretation of a horoscope, provides an absolute wealth of information.