Easter rabbits and eggs

As Easter approaches many of us chocoholics will be counting down the days until the Easter bunny makes its usual Easter Morning chocolate egg delivery but how did a serious Christian festival become associated with rabbits and eggs? Easter rabbits and eggs For Christians this is a special time of year celebrating the resurrection of […]

Halloween History

It is believed that the origins of Halloween may probably be found in an ancient, pre-Christian Celtic festival which honoured the dead. The Celts divided their year into four major holidays and according to this calendar, the year began on a day which now corresponds to November 1st on the modern calendar. Halloween History The […]


As we approach Halloween, it is unsurprising that our thoughts turn to scary spooks and menacing monsters, however, at the moment, vampires seem to be particularly popular. Halloween The time was when the main group of people who were fascinated by the toothy trouble makers were Goths but recently in Australia the academic world has […]

Beltane Day

May 1st marks Beltane day, which was originally an ancient festival, celebrated in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man, although similar festivals were held in Wales, Brittany and Cornwall. Beltane marks the beginning of the summer season a time when livestock was driven out for summer grazing.

Imbolc Festival…

As winter takes its first tentative steps towards spring many folks prepare to celebrate Imbolc (sometimes called Imbolg), or St Brigid’s Day. This is a Celtic festival marking the beginning of spring and it is often celebrated on 1st or 2nd of February.