Astrology Overview for WC 25th May 2020

The week begins with the Sun and Mars still in a tense right angle through to midweek this can make us a little bit edgy, and with its tendency to blurt out things that perhaps ordinarily we would keep to ourselves. If something does seem to be going slower than we would like we also […]

Astrology Overview for WC 18th May 2020

The week begins with the Sun in a wonderful and enabling to Jupiter. If the circumstances were different I think we’d all be celebrating this particular influence because this is very much to do with positivity and growth. And with both located as they are in Earth signs, a chance to take a more adventurous […]

Astrology Overview for WC 11th May 2020

What a mega week this is. Why? Well, we have Saturn, Venus and Jupiter all go retrograde. Moreover, Mercury moves home to Gemini, Mars powers into Pisces, and on Thursday we have a Quarter Moon in Aquarius . Please CLICK on your Zodiac sign below to watch your FREE Weekly Video Horoscope… So what does […]

Astrology Overview for WC 4th May 2020

The week begins withthe Sun and Mercury still tightly bound together. This gives us the chance to earth our efforts and try to create practical results. In fact if we look to think in a progressive way, and embrace the powerful transformational energies of Pluto , new possibilities can emerge from the recent readjustments we […]

Astrology Overview for WC 27th April 2020

The week begins with Mercury in its last degree of transit through Mercury before its arrival on Tuesday in the sign of the Bull. The Sun however is just edging away from an exact conjunction with Uranus . So, the chances are we are going to be feeling a tad restless still. In fact by […]

Astrology Overview for WC 20th April 2020

The week begins with the Sun having just relocated to the sign of Taurus. This is the 2nd sign of the zodiac, ruled by Venus, governed by Earth, and with a quality or modality of Fixed energy. This changes gives us the chance to grapple more immediately with resources, finances, self worth, and our core […]

Astrology Overview for WC 13th April 2020

The Sun in Aries is in a right angle through to Friday with both Jupiter and Pluto. This could bring to the fore battles of will, and disagreements, particularly over big decisions. Please CLICK on your Zodiac sign below to watch your FREE Weekly Video Horoscope… The trigger for this week’s aggravation may come on […]

Astrology Overview for WC 6th April 2020

Monday and Tuesday sees Venus still anchored by the stabilising energies of Saturn. With Saturn just inside the sign of Aquarius, this could point towards an interaction with someone who is more independently minded, who is older or younger, but whose intentions are positive. In fact Venus goes on to forge glorious link with Mars […]

Astrology Overview for WC 30th March 2020

With Mars, the planet of drive, determination, individuality, masculine desire, and instant gratification moving into the sign of Aquarius, where he will conjoin, and be side-by-side with Saturn, the planet of structure, for the rest of the week. If there is a long-term hope or aspiration that we have, these two entities give us an […]

Astrology Overview for WC 23rd March 2020

The week begins with the Sun forging a stabilising Sextile to Saturn . This is an excellent combination because the Sun in Aries is about new initiatives, energy and drive, and Saturn in Aquarius about how we’re going to plan in the longer term, in order to make these come to fruition. Please CLICK on […]