St George’s Day 2012

April 23rd is the feast day of Saint George, patron saint of England, butchers and boy scouts! Yet are you familiar with his legend which tells how he rescued Princess Cleolinda of Libya from a dragon; killing the monster and converting 15,000 men in the process? Oh, and of course, he got the girl and married […]

Lady Day March 25th

March the 25th is Lady Day; no it’s not a time to done some frivolous fashion and hot-foot it down to the nearest equine Olympics it is a quarter day and a religious one at that. Lady Day March 25th Originally it was known as Our Lady’s Day but in time the name was condensed […]

St Patrick’s Day a history

Strange as it may seem St. Patrick the patron saint of Ireland was born in the west of Britain, circa 390, furthermore, as a young man he showed little interest in religion.
His life took a dramatic turn when he was sixteen years old as he was captured by pirates and taken to be a slave in Ireland.