Astrology and Nuclear power

We have a very special guest feature on today’s blog, as we welcome our esteemed colleague Kiril Stoycheff, who is the Chairman of the Bulgarian Astrology Association… Read Kiril’s incredible and indepth analysis of the link between Astrology and the rise, and complications of the world’s nuclear energy industry…     Tweet

Aqua Vitae

There are some things which are essential for life on Earth and I don’t mean chocolate, no, I’m thinking of air, sunlight, gravity and of course water. Water covers much of the Earth but that hasn’t stopped folks from even the dampest climates acknowledging a special relationship between life and those magical molecules of hydrogen and oxygen.

Galileo Galilei…

Today marks the 447th birthday of Galileo Galilei, the brilliant Italian scientist and mathematician who fell foul of the Vatican, because he prescribed to the view that the Earth rotated around the Sun, not the other way around, which at that time was considered a heresy, and led to a lifetime house arrest.