Valentine’s Day 2024

VALENTINE’S DAY Confusingly there are a number of St. Valentine’s as the name was quite common in ancient Rome, however, according to legend St. Valentine, who may or may not have actually existed, flouted a ban by the Emperor Claudius II forbidding young men to marry by conducting secret wedding ceremonies. He paid a heavy […]

Weekly Video Horoscopes WC 27th November 2023…

The big focus rightly will be on the Gemini Full Moon which is very complex, with lots of potential for powerful disagreements. However, the Sun is also in a Quincunx with Jupiter this week, which will also need careful handling. Mercury arrives in Capricorn, to join Pluto, but is still in its Pre Retrograde Shadow, […]

Horoscope Weekly Astrology 13th November

What a week this is set to be. It begins with an incredibly intense Scorpio New Moon, aligned closely to the traditional ruler Mars, with Uranus opposing both too. We can feel impulsive, driven and in need of gratification. The Mars Cazimi which occurs on Friday is the first in this sign since 1991, and […]

Horoscope Weekly Astrology 6th November 2023

The sultry but svelte energies of Venus returns home to the sign of balance, Libra. This ushers in a 29 day period of the potential to find greater harmony in our closest ties, and a pause for peace in a wider context, hopefully. Yet she is immediately impacted by the cold and harsher energies of […]

Horoscope Weekly Astrology 23rd October 2023

Scorpio Season very much kicks in with the Sun’s arrival on Monday, linking with Mercury and the ruler Mars. But the passionate desires of this sign are tested by the Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, on Saturday. With Jupiter also in the mix, whatever we want, the chances are we are going to want it […]

Weekly Horoscopes 16th October 2023

Venus and Jupiter, the two planets of fortune link beautifully, and some good news can follow. The Mercury Cazimi is an opportunity to connect with someone, but mighty Pluto suggests the motives need to be genuine. As Mecury dives deep into Scorpio, any underlying politics can be revealed. Please CLICK on your Zodiac sign below to […]

Weekly Horoscopes 9th October 2023

A truly blockbuster week is in store, but with Venus edging into Virgo after her long passage through Leo and going face to face with the dour Saturn, any outstanding relationship issues must be grappled with. Still, with the Solar Eclipse in Libra, there is a huge opportunity to reset our relationship to all key […]

MARS Stations DIRECT Gemini + FORECAST to Ingress to Cancer. Insights for a fast-changing world!

Mars Stations Direct 12th/13th of January (dependent on location) but as much as this is a very welcome development, there are some celestial pit falls that lay between now, and when he resumes his normal orbit moving to Cancer on the 25th of March. Please join me to understand what these challenges are but also […]

Boris Johnson Astrology Analysis of his Evolving Astrology Part 2…