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Walk into any New Age shop and you risk knocking into piles of attractively coloured rocks and crystals, they are certainly pleasing to the eye but do the serve any other purpose?

Psychics and Crystals

Some psychics believe that crystals can act as amplifiers of pre-existing spiritual energies just like turning the sound up on the stereo, the sound is there, but turning the dial increases the volume. So, whilst the psychic already has the ability to influence the situation, the crystal helps amplify this – remember it is not the crystal itself doing the work but the person.

So why not just use one crystal? Different crystals are argued to have different properties that can focus particular forms of energy which are better suited to specific requirements.


Take the lovely purple Amethyst; this has been used for healing or in magic for thousands for years, this crystal is said to bring restful sleep, clear the aura and change negative energy into a positive form.


The shiny metallic stone Hematite is purported to ease leg cramps, help factures heal and it may also aid you in legal matters. Whereas, Jet is claimed to ease colds and stomach pain .as well as attract wealth.

Crystals and their uses

One advantage of crystals is that even if you are not obviously psychic carrying or wearing a suitable stone can enhance an aspect of your life. Why not look up some crystals and their uses, and then see if you can make them work for you? You’ll be in good company; Shirley McLaine and Michael York think crystals work for them.

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