Daily Horoscopes 6th June 2013

Daily Horoscopes 6th June 2013. Mercury steps forwards two degrees from yesterday, and now goes into active opposition with Pluto. This was building yesterday and will go on until next Monday.

Daily Horoscopes 6th June 2013

This is a VERY potent planetary aspect. People who have this in their Natal Horoscopes can be exceptionally opinionated, and adapt at getting beyond the defenses of the people they encounter.

Over the next five days, you may find yourself encountering someone keen to punch their ideas across. If they are prepared to hear your viewpoint too, all well and dandy. If not you may have to stand firm to ensure that you don’t get browbeaten. With both Mercury and Pluto in Cardinal signs (Cancer and Capricorn respectively) some kind power dynamic can be at work.

And yet with Venus now truly contacting with Neptune, the above vibe may trigger a very intense attraction with someone, someone you may find hard to ignore. At first you may be unsure that you want to know them, or even like them, but the potential for some kind of magical connection remains possible. Please join me for your Daily Horoscopes 6th June.

Today’s Top Astrology Tip

Someone may seem very alluring but with Mars squaring Neptune, are they truly for real? For a deeper insight to the week’s influences please join me for your Weekly Horoscope Videos.

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