Lost your keys? Looking for oil? Or searching for water? You might find what you are seeking using the ancient art of dowsing.

Traditionally, the most common dowsing rod is a forked (Y-shaped) branch from a tree or bush. Some dowsers prefer branches from particular trees, and some prefer the branches to be freshly cut.

Y Shaped Dowsing Rods

Witchhazel is the rod of choice in the United States but branches from willow or peach trees are also popular. The two ends on the forked side are held one in each hand with the third (the stem of the “Y”) pointing straight ahead. Other rods have been made of wire or even old coat hangers bent at right angles. The dowser then walks the area in question; when the rods they are holding become agitated the dowser knows this is the place most likely to provide the item being sought.

Electional Horoscope

Alternatively, dowsers may use a pendulum made of stone or metal, the pendulum method is often used to diagnose illness, the direction of its rotation or swing gives the dowser yes or no answers. Some astrologers will use a pendulum to help them to do an electional horoscope. This is where the birth time is not known and this is an aid to determining this.

Personally my technique is to print wheels off for every hour of the day, and work backwards identifying which Houses that Saturn and Pluto occupy, working with the client, but each to their own…

Dowsing and religion

Dowsing in its modern form, was first recorded in Germany but it has been influential in the United States. Oliver Cowdery, who acted as the scribe for the Book of Mormon and was the “Second Elder” of the Church, used a divining rod for revelatory purposes. In a revelation given to Joseph Smith, God affirmed Cowdery’s use of dowsing and said that it was a divine gift through which Cowdery could learn the “mysteries of God”.

During the Vietnam War, some US Marines used dowsing in an attempt to locate weapons and tunnels. The real joy of dowsing is that almost anyone can do it to some degree and that the materials required are inexpensive or even free.

Dowsing on Marlborough Downs

Just to recount a rather amusing but true story about dowsing at my sister’s home, some years ago. Jill said “come on, I’ve got some dowsing rods, let’s have a go”. Now Jill lives on the Marlborough Downs, overlooking the smaller of the two White Horses, and only four miles from Avebury and the stone circles there (probably one of the most amazing places you can visit in the UK, and to me far more impressive than Stonehenge).

They have quite a large sitting room, and Jill walked across it at a diagonal, and half way across the dowsing rods went completely across themselves, and of course we all roar with laughter. Mind you, in the background my brother in law Gray, mutters “load of blinkin’ rubbish”. So I leap up and grab the rods from Jill, cross the room at the same angle, and lo and behold, same thing happens to me! Then Gray says “come on, give ’em to me” walks across the room, and….nothing happens…Gray sits down, big smile on his face, a happy man!

Ley line or Water dowsing

The moral of this tale, is that neither sister Jill or I know that there is water under their house, or if it sits on a ley line, which dowsing often also reveals, however, if you are open to things, well, stuff happens.

Crop Circles

On a slightly different tangent…Now this part of the world in Wiltshire has lots of ancient goodies, not just Avebury, but also Silbury Hill and this area is also Crop Circle Central and Jill is going to be our special investigative agent in situ this (Northern Hemisphere) summer, to bring you breaking news stories of any exciting developments…so watch this space…

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