Easter eggs…

As you contemplate buying your kids or your partner an Easter egg, you might wonder who came up with the idea that eggs should be associated with Easter. The original eggs given as gifts at this time were real ones which had been decorated.

The Zoroastrians painted eggs for Nowrooz a festival which fell on the Spring Equinox, and sculptures on the walls of Persepolis show people carrying these to their king.

Similarly, the Jewish community places a hard boiled egg in salt water during Passover Seder to commemorate the festival sacrifice offered at the Temple in Jerusalem.

Most Christians would claim that Easter eggs represent Christ rising from his tomb, however, there are legends which explain matters another way. It is said Mary Magdalene brought boiled eggs for the women at Christ’s tomb but as she arrived and saw the risen Christ the eggs in the basket turned bright red.

Another legend states that Mary went to Rome to convert The Emperor. She greeted him with the cry ‘Christ has risen!’ The Emperor replied that Christ was no more risen than the eggs she was carrying were red. When they looked down the eggs had changed colour to a vibrant red.

You might like to consider all this as you chomp through your choccy eggs this week. Of course, if you don’t like chocolate or real eggs for Easter and you have the cash, you could try a Fabergé substitute!!!

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