Easter Horoscope

With Easter upon us, and more people fortunate enough to have time for themselves, family activities, eating lots of chocolate or the religious significance of the festival, I want to explore what planetary activity is to the fore at the present.

There are five planets in Aries, a cluster of energy which is absolutely rare, due to the presence of Jupiter and Uranus in this sign. Jupiter will return in May 2022 but Uranus won’t be returning for over 90 years, so you get my drift…REALLY unique. And ironically, Uranus is about being original.

Now, Uranus not only moves very slowly it is also subject to a five monthly retrograde each year, which reinforces its plodding journey through each sign. Because it is newly arrived in Aries it is currently stationed at 2 degrees. Each zodiac sign has 30 degrees, so early days! Venus arrived in Aries on the 21st of April and along with Jupiter are joined in Aries by Mercury and Mars.

About Venus

Venus is the planet that most people associate with being that bright and sparkly star, easily spotted in the sky at night, or from an astrological perspective with love and romance. Yet Venus brings many, many other influences to bear.

It is also linked to the arts, creativity, beauty, fashion and design. Perhaps less known is its link to money. Of course which zodiac sign Venus occupies will have a great bearing too, along with any angles or aspects it is forging to other planets or fixed positions.

Venus in Aries

As Venus has just moved into Aries, and as it gets a toe hold, let’s explore what this means. Firstly she will be in this position until the 15th of May. If you have a new born during this period, this child will have a particularly pleasant and friendly manner, and is going to be popular too!

Because of the energizing characteristics of Aries, this influence can have a bearing on us all during this period. If you like someone, you are probably going to be proactive in getting to know them. However, Venus has also pulled up alongside the more erratic influence of Uranus.

Venus conjunct Uranus

Now, if you have this planetary aspect in your Natal Birth Chart (where planets are located at birth) you probably enjoy quite a lively romantic life, and an original take on food, fashion and art. You are capable of expression of form, in very unique and original ways. But your attention span may not be terribly high, because new experiences turn you on, and around your sex life, the thrill of the chase, especially.

However, Uranus is the planet that influences freedom and independence, so subjects can be prone to sudden full-on attractions, but which quickly burn out. Love in general can be rather unpredictable. Unusual relationships may be made, and in a romantic context, perhaps even an open relationship forged.

Now this particular conjunction, where planets are side by side will be exact, on Saturday 23rd April. However its influence will be felt now, and will be felt through to early next week.

How will this pan out in the here and now? Well, it can see some outspoken scenes – especially around all relationships based on affection. People can be much more spontaneous than usual, but in a romantic context, things can be full-on, but then full-off. It just depends on how this influence impacts on your own zodiac sign, and how it influences your own natal chart.

By Easter Sunday, Venus also moves into a square with the potent powers of Pluto and this aspect will last through to Friday the 29th.

Venus square Pluto

Now this can really be a very challenging aspect. If people have this in their natal chart, they can prone to use flattery and charm as a well of achieving their own aims.

This can be linked to business, to money or to gaining sex. Manipulation is common place. False bonhomie can be used to mask true feelings. This is the aspect of the disingenuous, bar none.

Easter Horoscope – conclusion

Taken in the round, the emphasis of Aries energy in the heavens, can lead to some bright and bubbly exchanges over the weekend, but there can be intense scenes too. Mercury which has twisted backwards for three weeks, goes direct on Saturday 23rd, and this will lead to greater clarity and less confusion or glitches. Yet if you think back over that time, underlying weaknesses may have come up, and been sorted out.

Love can also be full on for those lucky enough to be in the throes of a brand new tie. Will this last, that is another matter. Perhaps it’s a case of enjoying the excitement whilst it lasts.  And yet with Venus Squaring Pluto, there could be some awkward scenes in existing ties. If you are offered money, sex or any other incentive, think if there is a hidden catch, or the other person can gain from you. Also be conscious of your own motives.

If you have never had your own natal birth chart erected, and would like to know more about where the planets were placed when you were born, yes even Venus and Uranus, you can obtain a FREE one from me.

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