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Personal Horoscope

What is a Personal Horoscope? What makes this different to your zodiac sign? The answer is simple really, rather than basing the understanding of your situation purely upon where the Sun was located, when you were born, by using your actual Date of birth, and your Time, and Place of birth, I produce for you a blueprint of where all the planets were located at that exact moment.

Natal or Birth Chart

This sometimes known as a Natal Chart, or Birth Chart. This contains an absolute host of vital and important information which informs us rather tells us, of who we may be. No-one is ruled by their Personal Horoscope, but the insights it gives us, can be so, so important.

Horoscope Reading

If I host a gathering where I look at several people’s Birth Charts, all at once, I don’t like to see the Charts before I go. That way I have no pre-conceived ideas, and can react naturally to the situation and people, are I must say, often amazed about what insights I can provide.

The Ascendant

The Birth Time is important because it enables me and other astrologers to establish what zodiac sign was on the Eastern Horizon at the time of birth. This is known as the Ascendant or Rising Sign, and it is very important because that becomes the 1st House and tells us a lot about how someone appears to others and how the assimilate information.

There is much more to share than time allows today, but if you would like your Birth Chart and Mini-interpretation, please feel welcome to download from me, FREE.

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