Full Moon in Leo…

Full Moon in Leo

The Full Moon in Leo today, faces not just the Sun in Aquarius, but also the combustible energies of Mars and the watery influence of Neptune.

Mars conjunct Neptune

Now Mars conjunct Neptune on its own, has plenty of challenges. Mars in Aquarius promotes independence, but the ego needs of Mars are not so strong because of the humanitarian influence that Aquarius brings. Therefore people can fit in well to a team, but retain their independence. However, Neptune and Mars are not particularly happy bed-person’s because Mars is about Fire, Neptune Water.

Deceit can creep in under this influence, however, the Sun can provide some mitigation, and especially in Aquarius, for this is the zodiac sign of essential truth and the propagation of high ideals.

Stellium of Planets

This collection of planets known as a cluster or stellium, can be a powerful force for good causes, but as we have seen with the awful scenes in Bahrain, Mars can be destructive when alongside the Sun, as well as a go getter.

In terms of the Leo Full Moon its opposition to Mars alone this too is not pleasant and can trigger the over use of force, or hasty decision making!

Uranus the radical

With the Moon’s opposition to the Sun, this can be where outdated and fixed practices and attitudes battle with the need for change. The radical co-ruler of Aquarius Uranus, is a contradiction in terms for the sign, the other ruler (co-regent) Saturn resists change, so there is a duality in Aquarius at work, all the time, any way.

Jupiter/Pluto Square

With the Moon’s opposition to Neptune, Neptune may be able to do quite well here, resisting false hopes, and asking that any spiritual developments are for real but this is a complex planetary blend, and clearly the desire for social justice has been greatly helped by the Sun and other planets transits through Aquarius, but the real trigger, in my view, remains the Jupiter/Pluto Square. In fact, the world is going to be quite an unstable place, right through to the summer.

Sun Spot Activity

Finally, this Full Moon is further more important, because of the increased level of Sun Spot activity this week, which has spewed a huge amount of extra magnetic energy into the Solar System and telecommunications satellites, weather systems and space activity can all be affected. Amusingly, my router also failed today, hence this post is late. Fortunately the engineer was able to quickly supply me with another way. Synchronicity with the Solar flare activity or what…I love astrology!!!!!!!

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