Halloween History

It is believed that the origins of Halloween may probably be found in an ancient, pre-Christian Celtic festival which honoured the dead. The Celts divided their year into four major holidays and according to this calendar, the year began on a day which now corresponds to November 1st on the modern calendar.

Halloween History

The date marked the advent Winter and since the Celts were pastoral people it was a time when cattle and sheep were moved to closer pastures and livestock secured for the coming months of harsh Winter.It was also a time when crops were harvested and stored..a date which marked both an ending and a beginning in a  perpetual cycle of life.

This celtic festival was observed at a time people called Samhain..the largest and most significant holiday of the year..also comoonly refferred to as  “As Hollows” Eve. The Celts lived approximately 2000 years ago in  the areas now know as Ireland, the United Kingdom and Brittany in what is known now as France. It was beleived that at the time of Smhain more so than any other period during the year ,the ghosts of the dead were able to to mingle with living. This belief stemmed from the idea that during Samhain, the souls of those who had  died during the year would being their travels into the Underworld.

It was also a time Lord Samhain, Lord of Darkness would arrive in search of those spirits in order that might aid them in their journey. Gatherings were sacrifice animals, vegetables and fruit. Bonfires were lit to honour the dead and to aid the souls as they journeyed..the fire was also beneficial in keeping such souls away from the living since they had all manner of beings might be abroad…ghosts..fairies, demons…all considered to be a part and parcel of the “dark and dread”…

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