Horoscopes 10th September

How are finding the newly positioned Mercury in Libra? I hope the first day has been more constructive for you, and the flow of communication has been that much better. Yet this alone cannot be a panacea for all the world’s ails or our own personal ties, but it is a starting point.

Horoscopes 10th September 2013

Today the Moon remains in Scorpio but it has sped forwards from its tense link with Saturn of yesterday morning. More Scorpio energy is on the horizon however, with Venus spending its last day this year in Libra, before arriving on Wednesday in the zodiac’s most intense and full on zodiac sign.  So, the chances are some Scorpionic kind of energies are bubbling around your situation too. This may be about finances, commitments or even sex or reproductive issues. For more please view your Weekly Horoscope VIDEO forecasts for every zodiac sign.

Daily Horoscopes 10th September

The Sun does step forwards one more degree from its very positive link to Jupiter, and the Moon will link with Jupiter too, and this is also very enabling and can help to cheer us. Yet Mars in Leo stays stubbornly at right angles to Saturn. So ever there are a number of counter influences ebbing and flowing for the good and the more challenging.  To get your FREE Daily Horoscope for today please join me.

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