Horoscopes 13th September 2013

The influence of yesterday’s Sagittarius Quarter Moon will continue for another week, but today, the Moon has travelled in Capricorn and by tonight once more it is passing over Pluto. Ring a bell? Well sure, this is now a monthly event and will be for some years to come.

Horoscopes 13th September 2013

As usual with the Moon and Pluto, the emotional temperature gets ramped up. Relationships can take on more of an edge and it can be harder to maintain our equilibrium. There could clashes, perhaps driven by power issues and all sorts of baggage can get emptied out onto our living room floors. For more please view your Weekly Horoscope VIDEO forecasts for every zodiac sign.

Daily Horoscopes 13th September 2013

Yet to counteract this, Venus and Neptune continue a very special link, one which can soften some harsh edges, and can bring a gentler more accommodating vibe to bear. Or will they? Because coming up on the astrological rails is Mercury, set to head into a square itself with Pluto and go into an opposition with Uranus, and this can make people very belligerent and self righteous and hugely outspoken. Better hold on to your hat, and duck! To get your FREE Daily Horoscope for today please join me.

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