Horoscopes 23rd February 2013

Horoscopes 23rd February 2013. Today’s big news sees the Moon in Leo forge a Grand Minor Trine with Jupiter and Uranus around midday. This can put some levity back into proceedings when something surprising and upbeat is possible.

Horoscopes 23rd February 2013

However Mercury begins the first of its three annual rewinds or retrogrades in Pisces.  Because this planet is about communication, but Pisces is ruled by the dreamy Neptune and idealistic and sometimes excessive energies of Jupiter, communications in this placement don’t have to be spoken as such. Think of non-verbal ways we connect with one another. Thoughts, emotions, even telepathy are all stronger here. However because Pisces is mutable or changeable there can be fluidity in ideas here. With the retrograde communications generally are going to be something of a movable feast over the next three weeks, with much less set in stone. Lots of changes of schedules and plans are likely.

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