Horoscopes 26th August 2013

Horoscopes 26th August 2013 Start the week by balancing your drive, with attention to detail and determination. As the Sun angles to Saturn on Thursday, and provides a background for much of the week, this can help to counter the hazy and debilitating opposition between the Sun and Neptune, which is exact.

Horoscopes 26th August 2013

Mercury too remains in opposition with Neptune, although past the exact point, and it too starts to connect well with Saturn. All this is ironic in a way, because whilst Neptune will be doing it’s worst in terms of bogging us down Saturn is kind of saying, stick to your original game plan, and don’t be knocked off course.  Learn more by watching your Weekly Horoscope with my FREE VIDEO forecasts for every zodiac sign.

Daily Horoscopes 26th August 2013

What none of us can do is control the influence of those we interact with and someone can be particularly hard to pin down. It can seem the more you push for answers the more evasive they can seem. And also, genuinely there could be some misunderstandings which are not the least bit sinister. We might need to make allowances for the fact that some confusion can reign, but be determined not to let it us affect us too much. For your Daily Horoscope for today please join me.

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