Horoscopes 6th September 2013

Horoscopes 6th September 2013 How was the New Moon for you? I hope you have felt some uplift from this. Yet with Mars and Saturn still locked in a tricky struggle, a certain amount of restriction and struggle may be on-going too.

Horoscopes 6th September 2013

Today the Moon remains in Virgo for much of the day but passes over Mercury in its passage, but by night time has glided into Libra.  For more please view your Monthly Horoscope for September with my FREE VIDEO forecasts for every zodiac sign.

Daily Horoscopes 6th September

The Moon conjunct Mercury is an interesting aspect in so far that is can see us be more eloquent in our personal expression, better merging our thoughts and feelings. Well, I say better merging our personal expression, sometimes this can lead to us being less objective. In Virgo there could be a tendency to focus in one issue, to the exclusion to the bigger picture. For your Daily Horoscope for today please join me.

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