Horoscopes 7th June 2013

Horoscopes 7th June 2013 The Moon very quickly squares with Neptune. This may blur the edges, and see some confusion around personal ties. Someone can seem illusive or even evasive.

Horoscopes 7th June 2013

Mercury now exactly goes opposite Pluto. This can definitely ramp up tensions, and see people finding it difficult to reconcile their differing points of view. Hard as is may be we need to try to avoid retreating into defensive positions. Keep the lines of communication open, and above all try to listen as well as speak.

Daily Horoscopes 7th June

The upside of today, is the Venus and Mars remain on good terms, though Mars is mangled up with Neptune, Venus empowered by it. How do we unpick all of this? Well, the answer is by being determined to keep a sense of perspective, and some magic is yet possible. Please join me for your Daily Horoscopes 7th June.

Today’s Top Astrology Tip

If something gets tense, ask yourself, is it really worth falling out over. It may be better to decide carefully before speaking out. For a deeper insight to the week’s influences please join me for your Weekly Horoscope Videos.

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