Horoscopes 8th September 2013

The Sun continues in its fine link with Jupiter, continuing the possibilities of good things. This is known as one of the lucky transits, and expansion is often possible. However, because this link occurs in the signs that it does, the influence is slightly less outgoing.

Horoscopes 8th September 2013

What can be fortunate is hopes around property. Yet whilst speculation is said be given a boost by this link, with Mars and Saturn still in a tense right angle to one another, don’t throw the family silver at anything which is not well thought through. Fortunately, the Sun in Virgo can be helpful in this respect, and make us a little more circumspect. For more please view your Weekly Horoscope VIDEO forecasts for every zodiac sign.

Daily Horoscopes 8th September

Also the Moon advances in Venus and passes over Venus. This is a really lovely link and you may find yourself trying to harmonise a relationship which has turned a little sour, or in a business situation, use your powers of diplomacy to advance your case. If you love your home, buying an item or piece of furniture which enhances it, can also appeal. To get your FREE Daily Horoscope for today please join me.

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