Horoscopes 9th September 2013

Start the week sees Mercury swoop into Libra. This is an opportunity to create better more harmonising relationships. The first ten degrees of Libra has a double “Venus” reverberation, and can help to restore a greater sense of proportion in our thinking and approach, especially in links with others.

Horoscopes 9th September 2013

Extra stability comes from the exaltation of Saturn in this sign. Once a situation has been thought through, there can be firmness of thought and action. However, if this is not so, it can be a case of too much analysis can lead to indecision. Yet on the whole this can be a force for good. Whilst Mercury’s passage through Virgo was good for anything to do with precision, it can be a brittle influence and lead to sharp exchanges. For more please view your Weekly Horoscope VIDEO forecasts for every zodiac sign.

Daily Horoscopes 9th September

Pleasingly, the Sun also continues its highly helpful link to Jupiter. Today’s most challenging aspect comes from the intensity of the Moon in Scorpio, and especially when it passes over Saturn. Hopefully the Sun and Jupiter’s up beat vibe will ward off the blues, but Saturn on the Moon and especially in Scorpio could lead to some edginess at home or around more emotional relationships or those within the family.  To get your FREE Daily Horoscope for today please join me.

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