Superstition: Horse shoes and luck…

If you live in Europe, America or Australasia you will no doubt have come across the notion that horseshoes are lucky. This widespread idea so ancient its origins have been lost and even how it works seems to vary from place to place.

0000000052360_600_0One legend has it that The Devil saw a horse running over cobbles the shoes it was wearing sparking against the stone. The Devil was so impressed he demanded a blacksmith make him a pair too. Unfortunately, The Devil found his new footwear painful and told the blacksmith to remove them. The wily craftsman said he would only remove them if The Devil swore never to enter a home with a horseshoe above the door.

In the UK the shoe is usually hung with the opening facing upwards to keep the luck in, in contrast in other countries it is placed with the gap downwards. Sometimes in the UK the shoe is slightly tilted so the bad luck can run out whilst the good luck stays put. Furthermore, many claim the most fortunate horseshoes are those that have been worn by a horse, if you find one so much the better – bought shoes are said to be less effective.

In Italy the direction of the shoe is not seen as so important what matters is where it is placed – at the side of the door so it can be touched as one enters the building.

So, next time you are wandering in the country why not keep an eye out for a discarded horseshoe? If you find one it could just bring you some good fortune. For your Daily Horoscope for today please join me.

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