Jupiter Conjunct True North Node Taurus First time since 1929! + Zodiac Sign Forecasts all signs…

Jupiter is Conjunct with the True North Node in Taurus.

  • This is for the first time since 1929 in this sign and from 15th May to 15th June within 3 degrees peaking on 1st/2nd June (dependent on location) at 3 Degrees 37′.
  • Join me to get the full story on why this is such a meaningful event, the first to occur since 2016.
  • Jupiter is about faith, growth, opportunity, expansion, fortune and spirituality, the North Node about our collective direction of travel.
  • Discover how this combination is one that we can use very much to our advantage.
  • How will pass good deeds come back to us, or what we can manifest to improve our situations.
  • Learn what the Solar Chart tells us but also the Event Chart too with Saturn in the 12th House on the cusp of the Ascendant, which is in itself very powerful.

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell