Luck and home moves

Most people find moving home irksome to say the least, whether you are a student moving into digs, renting a smart apartment, or feeling you way gingerly along the property ladder. Let’s see if you can influence your fortunes?

Cultures and home moves

There seem a thousand and one test and tribulations before you get the keys to your “des-rez”. If this sounds familiar, take comfort in the thought that all over the world in many cultures others are going through the same type of stress.

Spiritual offerings

Furthermore, each of these has come up with ways to make the process less daunting.
In Thailand, it is traditional to let the spirits know you are moving in and offer them food, water, incense and flowers, these gifts encourage the local spirits to be friendly and protective.

In the morning, the new householders bring rice, water and a knife into the house. The rice and water mean that there should always be enough to eat and drink, whilst the knife protects the family from evil spirits.

Knives and fortune

Western thought tends to eschew knives in relation to moving domicile. If a friend gives knives as a house-warming gift it’s believed the friendship will dissolve. However, offering them a penny in exchange is said to mitigate any harm.

You should also avoid carrying a spade or hoe in your home; once again any harm done can be erased by walking out backwards still carrying the implement via your entry route.

Bread, salt and wine

One of the most widespread traditions is for the occupant that is moving out to leave bread, salt and wine for the new tenant. Bread symbolises the wish that the owner will never go hungry, salt that their life will have flavour and wine brings happiness and prosperity.

Superstitions and home moves

The first person to enter a new home should carry a new broom to sweep away bad luck, in contrast never bring an old broom into a new house or it can bring misfortune in with it. Some people also favour sprinkling salt in each room and door way to discourage negativity.

Moon waxing

Certain times are considered best for changing addresses such as when the Moon is waxing.  This the first Quarter Moon of each month.

Fridays and Saturdays are inauspicious: the Tamils favour Thursday as optimum time to relocate. When you leave your new pad for the first time it is traditional to use the same door you used for your entrance, otherwise you may find it difficult to settle in your new abode.

Swallows and home

The natural world also has a part to play in easing the stresses of moving: if swallows nest under the eaves of your new home you will be happy there, similarly if a grasshopper or frog visits you your household should be a fortunate one. Just as an aside, my surname Arundell, is derived from the French name Hirondelle which means the flight of the swallows, I rather like that!

Finally, fennel stuffed in keyholes or hung over the door deters the evil eye and ivy growing over the roof is claimed to prevent fires – what damage it does to your roofing tiles is another matter.

Now then, with your time and strategies all planned, it’s just that thorny problem of saving for that first deposit…to find out your financial fortunes today.

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