Luck and Itchy Hands

Luck and itchy hands. The chances are you have experienced the palm of your hands itching at some point or another. And you may also know that this is said to be linked to luck. Let’s explore folklore.

Luck and Itchy Hands

It’s said that if your right hand itches it may mean that money is coming your way however don’t scratch it or you can reverse your good fortune. You may know the idiomatic phrase “so and so has an itchy palm”, it means that they are angling for a tip.

In contrast you can increase your luck if you follow this rhyme:

“…Rub it on wood and it’s sure to come good. 
Rub it on my knee and it’s sure to come to me…” 

Should your left hand itch you will part with your cash – still, at least you get the satisfaction of scratching it. To confuse things somewhat, some sources claim if your left hand itches your finances will improve but if your right hand itches you will meet someone new or go on a journey.

The only problem is I am not sure if all this applies universally, or if the meanings are reversed if you’re left-handed, nor is it clear how this works if you are ambidextrous.

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