Mercury Retrograde 29th December 2022 Astrology + Zodiac Sign Forecasts ALL 12 SIGNS!

Mercury, the planet of talk and thought, slams on the celestial brakes, as we view it from planet Earth, through to the 18th January 2023.

Indeed, Mercury won’t emerge from its post Retrograde Shadow until the 17th of February, so what does this suggest for the next 6 weeks?

Mercury Retrograde can of course seem to trigger glitches with systems, technology, travel, ticketing, software and create crossed wires in every day communication. So, chances are there will be some of these during this period of time.

Capricorn represents business, and Mercury in this sign usually means it, but many of us will be juggling our material resources that this Earth sign influences, with that much care. Anything to do with banking systems and even the markets themselves can be subject to systems errors or even some big structural changes.

Venus is in very close alignment as this even begins, so our people skills will be important, especially if we are talking to people in positions of authority or influence.

At a time of the year when many of us make New Year’s Resolutions, this combination suggests festive conversations can be about our roles in life, work, employment and future goals for 2023.

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell