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Do you enjoy watching the clouds scudding across the Spring sky? Yesterday evening I saw an old friend, and we were watching the cloud scene changing rapidly here in Shrewsbury.

They mentioned that they loved watching clouds, and I said that clouds can be used for divination purposes, this is known as Nephomancy.

If you do enjoy watching cloud movements Nephomancy could be a useful additional form of insight for you, because this is divination conducted by interpreting atmospheric conditions.


Nephomancy is one of the oldest forms of divination know and was studied by the Etruscans, the Babylonians and the Druids who called it Neladoracht.

This does not mean its practitioners aimed to tell if it would be sunny or wet, Nephomancy functions like dream interpretation in that the images seen in the clouds can only be interpreted by the diviner him or herself.


So, the next time you are gazing at the sky look at the clouds – do they take on the shapes of certain objects: for example a castle? If so what does a castle symbolise to you? Let’s say it symbolises protection and strength, this would suggest that you might be entering a period when someone with these character traits may help you, or perhaps you more than enough of these qualities to see you through any future difficulties.

The great thing about Nephomancy is that it requires no costly equipment and there are no set rules; all you need to do is release your intuition and imagination!

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