New Moon in Aquarius 3rd February 2011…

Today the New Moon occurs in the sign of Aquarius. This is a fascinating member of the zodiacal family, because of it’s duality of rulership. The traditional and historical ruler is Saturn.

Saturn the tough guy

Saturn is known as being the tough guy of the heavens, and anyone with an awareness of its awesome power, wouldn’t be dismissing astrology as readily as some of the so called learned members of the scientific community are just now. No, this is a planet to have great respect for. It’s about tradition, convention, hard work, and self-discipline and many Aquarian subjects have these qualities in abundance.


But here’s the contradiction, because the modern co-ruler or co-regent as it is known “in the trade” of Aquarius, is Uranus, and this planet is everything Saturn is not. It pushes us to be innovative, it dislikes convention, it is the planet of genius, change and forward thinking but it is also a very restless, and erratic influence.

Aquarian Charles Darwin

Now, Charles Darwin was very much an Aquarian, but he sat on his understanding of evolution for many years, before eventually publishing. Much of the reason for this was because he understood that the religious leaders of the world, would see his theory as a challenge to the existence of God, and partly for personal reasons, his wife, a member of the famous Wedgewood family, was a devout Christian.

Shrewsbury School

So you can see all the wonderment but challenges of being an Aquarian in this special man’s journey. The fear of upsetting the apple cart, but marvellously forward sighted. Incidentally he was born only a mile from where I write, and educated at the old Shrewsbury School (now the library) which is even closer.

New Moon Aquarius Sextile planets in Aries

But this New Moon for Aquarian’s is augmented by the powerful energies of Mars. So in simple terms we have the Moon, the Sun, and Mars all side by side or combust. This conjunction could be volatile and we should remember Aquarius is the sign of fairness, community, society, kinship, fraternity, co-operation and to some degree social justice.

Jupiter square Pluto

The events in Egypt and around the North African coast will not have been triggered by this New Moon, but more likely by the Square between Jupiter and Pluto. However, it is pivotal to how things develop from here. Will this uprising end in Democracy in the country however much this may be challenging to Israel, or will the ruling party hang on to power? In simple terms will this be a Berlin Wall or Prague Spring Uprising, and soon to be crushed?

I think that the regime will be overthrown, simply because the ruling party do not have the complete will of politicians, clerics and the army in the way of Iran. And the New Moon in Aquarius will drive this desire for change, however a very unstable period is likely to follow.

In your own world, look to honour the things that are special and meaningful, look to be more open and future minded about all else. But individuality is emphasized but that doesn’t mean people can’t work closely together for the common good.

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