OUR LAST SHOW | Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | From 4th April 2022

It’s time to wave goodbye from the A Team with regard to the Weekly Astrology and Spirituality Show. Please join us to celebrate all the shows of the two and a quarter years.

Patrick shares about Chiron’s importance on the Aries New Moon, the friction being created by Mars conjunct Saturn, but how as the Sun and Mercury’s link to them, we can still gain traction.

Alyssa shares the Three of Wands, this week’s Hermetic Wheel Tarot Card,and we discuss three Words of the Week in Utopia, Affection and Eternal.

We also interact on past comments around Faith and Hope and Automation, Robotics and AI, and Alyssa shares the Angel Therapy Card of Emotional Sensitivity and Patrick discusses the final winner of the Birthdate Free Prize Draw Natal Analysis.

Please join us to enjoy your FREE WC 2nd April Weekly Astrology & Spirituality video below for the inside track…

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell