Astrology Overview for WC 7th January 2019

The week begins with Venus gliding into the sign of Sagittarius for the next 28 days, Here she is going to bring a vibrant and inquisitive energy to our interactions with others and a quest for the truth about our key relationships. Please CLICK on your Zodiac sign below to watch your FREE Weekly Video […]

Astrology Overview for WC 31st December 2018

Happy New Year, and 2019 starts in some fiery style as Mars bustles its way back into its home zone of Aries . With Uranus in this zodiac sign angling to Mercury, there can be lots of buzzy ideas to the fore that motivates us to take the initiative. Monday to Thursday also sees a […]

Astrology Overview for WC 24th December 2018

Mercury emerges from shadow on Christmas Eve. Yes, it is true that he started to travel in a forward direction from 6th December and re-entered Sagittarius on the 13th, but he only returns to the point where the retrograde began on 17th November 13° Sagittarius, on the 24th. Any issue which has been frustratingly slow […]

Astrology Overview for WC 17th December 2018

The Sun forges a great link with Uranus this week, and this trine encourages us to be more open minded around all aspects of our situation. The Sun in Sagittarius is a generally very fluid and go-getting influence, and with the support of Uranus this combination is asking us to step outside the norm be […]

Astrology Overview for WC 10th December 2018

Monday to Wednesday sees the continuing tie-up between Mars and Neptune . Although the distance between them is is now widening, we could still experience a degree of sluggishness, or a desire to hide ourselves away from reality, and embrace more imaginative pursuits. Of course this is a very busy time of the year, one […]

Astrology Overview for WC 3rd December 2018

Monday sees Venus return to the sign of Scorpio. If this rings a proverbial astrological bell it’s because from the 9th of September to the end of October, Venus was working her way through Scorpio. She’s essentially moving forwards and retracing her steps after the retrograde, and will come out of shadow, in other words […]

Astrology Overview for WC 26th November 2018

The Sun continues its upbeat conjunction with Jupiter , the planet of growth optimism and excitement, and through to the middle of the week. This can give us a sense that anything is possible, and if we invest enough endeavour and perspiration this can certainly be true. But just like last week Mars provides a […]

Astrology Overview for WC 19th November 2018

Mercury continues its retrograde which began last week, and in the sign of Sagittarius this can impact on international affairs, trade agreements, the stock market, travel, distribution, agreements and contracts. Anything that we are grappling with that is influenced by any of these areas can prove to be seminal. As ever we can only micromanage […]

Astrology Overview for WC 12th November 2018

Venus is a major player this week, for despite being in retrograde until Thursday she does forge a fantastic link with Mars , but is also opposed by the unpredictable energies of Uranus . With Mercury still in a square with the dreamy energies of Neptune, the reality of situations can still be hard to […]

Astrology Overview for WC 5th November 2018

This week sees one of the most intense planetary interactions for some time. A New Moon in Scorpio offers the chance to make some meaningful changes in our lives, and its angle to the nebulous Neptune suggest we need to tune into our instincts to guide our moves best of all. Please CLICK on your […]