Astrology Overview for WC 6th September 2021

This week’s Virgo New Moon is a fantastic opportunity to refresh our approach to many practical strands, and in so doing embrace some newer approaches. Goals that are clear can be pursued with real conviction. Mercury’s solid link to Saturn can also lead to constructive conversations, but with Venus squaring with Pluto , someone may […]

YEAR 2022 Horoscope Video Forecast for every Zodiac Sign…

As we enter the last third of yet another momentous year, join me to get an early inside track as to your opportunities for progress for 2022. Each Video for each Zodiac has been carefully crafted featuring the Solar Return, Eclipse Series, Ruling Planet Expose, New Moon Special, and the moves of Jupiter and the […]

Astrology Overview for WC 30th August 2021

Fleet footed Mercury moves into Libra, joining with Venus the sign’s ruling planet. By the week’s end they both forge glorious links to Saturn and Jupiter respectively. Positive relationships can get firmer and closer too. With the Sun angling helpfully to Uranus and Mars and Pluto supercharged in their combination, we can also make better […]

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Astrology Overview for WC 23rd August 2021

If we really care about someone, the bond can seem unbreakable as this week begins. Also a fine time to strike a business deal too or is it? With Mercury opposed by Neptune , do ensure that the details are absolutely spot on. If everything looks correct and in order, application and precision allied to […]

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