Ricky Gervais’s Tarot for 2011…

Ricky Gervais, the comedian, actor, director, producer, musician and writer has achieved fame with his television series The Office and Extras and in recent days, notoriety for his presentation quips on the Golden Globes. So what does the year ahead hold for him and what insights will my Tarot reading for him provide?

Three Card Tarot

As usual this reading begins by looking at the subject’s recent past.

Strength Card Reversed

Poor Ricky got ‘Strength’inverted, so as you may have guessed he has been lacking strength in some way, or this can suggest he has been over-working and is exhausted but it is more likely to mean that he has been weak in other ways; probably overindulging and engaging in attitudes that may be perceived as being rather foolish.

He may well have appeared to be full of beans but he could have been using his drive in a misguided manner which can weaken him in the long run. This lack of self-discipline could impinge on his future plans and cause him to lose his self-confidence, when times get tough.

The Wheel of fortune

His Present Card, The Wheel of Fortune, shows he is going through a period of change, which is largely beyond his control and perhaps karmic in origin. At first he may not like finding his plans altered but as he comes to terms with his situation he should realize it has all worked out for the best. The new chapter in his life may involve the number 21 in some way.

Ace of Swords

So what of his future? Ricky could be very fortunate within the next 12 months as I have drawn The Ace of Swords. Of all the cards the ace is the one most endowed with the gifts associated with the element its symbol represents. Swords represent ‘Air’the logical element which aids clear thought and communication.

So Ricky should find himself thinking things through with a level head. This card also suggest a new project is on the horizon, in Ricky’s case this may well involve the writing something as opposed to acting in another author’s work. The Ace of Swords can cut through problems so Ricky’s future project could prove very successful – even if he faces minor frustrations and skirmishes along the way.

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