Sun Square Uranus 4th February – Disruption, Agitation, Restlessness but Opportunities too!

Venus Pisces 9 degrees 57 12th Natal House Square Mars Gemini 10 degrees 59 3rd Natal House

Neptune on the 12th House cusp Pisces


Sun (Detriment) the collective, hopes for the future, friends, associations, net works, plans.

Uranus (Fall)

Both Fixed signs

Disruption, tension, rebellion,

Restriction of plans due to financial changes and unpredictability.

The need for flexibility.


Unpredictable behavior.

Any technology could prove unreliable.

Idealism (Aquarius) battles with financial reality Taurus.

Routines hard to stick to.

A good time to liberate ourselves from compulsions and addictions

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell