Mighty Jupiter Retrogrades – Make this work for YOU! + Zodiac Forecast ALL SIGNS

The mighty Jupiter starts its annual Retrograde on 4th September. • This goes on for the next 17 weeks, right through to the last day of 2023. • Jupiter is linked to growth, optimism and good fortune. • Are we about to encounter misfortune and an economic contraction? • Join me as I go through the themes of Jupiter, […]

💫☀️Astrology & Spirituality Show – QUARTERLY SPECIAL – June/July/August 2023


Astrology & Spirituality Show – QUARTERLY SPECIAL! – January/ February /March 2023

The A Team make a special return – due to popular demand – with a NEW Quarterly Astrology & Spirituality Video Show. Patrick outlines what we can expect for the first 13 weeks of the year, including our finances, China, Covid and pressure on the established order as more Aquarius energies emerge. He also looks […]

Saturn & Uranus Square 2021/2022 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

The dominating planetary influence of 2021 and indeed January 2022 is Saturn Square Uranus. The two planets have broadly been in a tense right angle since mid January, were exact 17th February and then again 14th June 2021. What does this mean? What is its impact? How can we deal with it? Join me for […]

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse 26th May 2021 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts