Taurus New Moon Deep Dive Video 7th/8th May 2024

The New Moon in Taurus this year creates some intriguing possibilities. • With Venus, the ruler of Taurus, herself in residence, and the other planet of plenty, Jupiter too, what does this hold? Well, this event does set the stage for when the two planets of fortune, merge on May 23rd, which could give us […]

Venus in Taurus 3 Week Love & Loot Forecast Video + All Signs…

Venus glides into one of her two home signs, of Taurus, on Monday 29th April. • Join me as I show what the next 26 days will hold for your relating and financial prospects. • Her she tempts us to embrace the more sensual, and earthy vibe of her influence. • An appreciation of the […]

Mercury Cazimi Aries 11th April – Heads Up Video

With so much energy compressed into the sign of Aries, what will this Mercury Sun Conjunction mean? • The Retrograde Mercury meets the advancing Sun whose warmth radiates into the planet of talk and thought. • This is the 2nd of six such events this year, but with Mercury in Retrograde this is known as […]

Spring/Vernal Equinox – Astrological New Year – Deep Dive Video inc All Signs…

20th March 2024 sees THE most important date in the Western Tropical Astrologically Year, which is predicated on the Seasons, not the moving “stars” like Sidereal/Vedic Astrology. This ushers in the Return of the Sun to Aries but this year, he forges the most incredibly powerful link to Pluto in Aquarius, the first Sextile between […]

Weekly Astrology Forecast from 18th – 24th March + All Signs!

The Sun storms into Aries, and begins the start of its new annual cycle, with the Spring Equinox, ushering in a fresh beginning for us all and wonderful new opportunities as he links powerfully to Pluto, the planet of change, in Aquarius. With Venus applying to Saturn, we could find ourselves asking some searching questions […]

Neptune Cazimi Square Quarter Moon – 17th March + All Signs!

When the Sun, representing the core self and vitality, aligns with Neptune in Pisces, we can surely count on one or more of these: PRO Increased Sensitivity: You may find yourself more attuned to subtle energies, emotions, and spiritual insights. It’s a time when intuition and psychic abilities may be enhanced. Creative Inspiration: You may […]

Weekly Astrology Forecast from 11th – 17th March – All Signs!

Venus glides into Pisces as the week begins, a home she graces with aplomb. We may feel sentimental, or hear from an old friend. A lot of restless energy still abounds though, but spiritual and healing possibilities are strong, as the Sun envelopes Neptune. Mind, with the Quarter Moon in Gemini in a right angle […]

Mercury in Aries for rare 10 week visit Deep Dive Video + All Signs…

Mercury has powered into Aries, urging us to embrace fresh thinking and new initiatives. But wait, the collective of energies in Pisces, can make this complex to achieve. • Deep Pluto provides the spark to the insights of what to plan forwards, and ignites passion. • The Pre Shadow begins on 19th March, the Retrograde […]

N Node Conjunct Chiron Presidential Special! + All 12 Signs!

The Mean North Node Conjuncts with Chiron today 5th March 2024. • The True Node Conjunction with Chiron was on 19th February 2024. • Either way it is the first time since 1969 that this has happened in Aries. The last time the two met in exact Unison was February 2008, in Aquarius and what […]

March 2024 Astrology Forecast inc…Spring Equinox & Lunar Eclipse + All 12 Signs!

The Sun and Jupiter are in a super alliance on the 1st, a great portent for the month ahead but the energies of Saturn ask to keep it real. • The North Node applies to Chiron in Aries on the 5th but is within a 3 degree orb all month, so a powerful opportunity to […]