Spring Equinox – CARDINAL QUADRANT 1 – Three Month Forecast + Zodiac Forecasts DEEP DIVE…

Spring Equinox – CARDINAL QUADRANT 1 Three Month Forecast + Zodiac Forecasts DEEP DIVE VIDEO… The Vernal or Spring Equinox is the start of the Western Tropical Astrological Year which is based on the four seasons. The Sun returns to the first zodiac or Animal sign of Aries, the Ram. This is a Fire sign, […]

Sun Square Uranus 4th February – Disruption, Agitation, Restlessness but Opportunities too!

Venus Pisces 9 degrees 57 12th Natal House Square Mars Gemini 10 degrees 59 3rd Natal House Neptune on the 12th House cusp Pisces Influences Sun (Detriment) the collective, hopes for the future, friends, associations, net works, plans. Uranus (Fall) Both Fixed signs Disruption, tension, rebellion, Restriction of plans due to financial changes and unpredictability. […]

February Monthly CARD READING! Pick a Card/Deck🔮 – What does this hold for Love, Money & Energy?


Juno enters Aries. Stunning insights into Asteroid of Partnership, Commitment, Equalities…

Juno enters Aries 13th January, 2023. Juno is the asteroid that influences relationships, partnerships in particular, deep, committed bonds. Juno is perfect for our times, desirous of equality and fairness. The give and take in a good relationship is reflected by Juno, and the anger of unfairness and rejection. Juno was conjunct Neptune as last […]

Astrology & Spirituality Show – QUARTERLY SPECIAL! – January/ February /March 2023

The A Team make a special return – due to popular demand – with a NEW Quarterly Astrology & Spirituality Video Show. Patrick outlines what we can expect for the first 13 weeks of the year, including our finances, China, Covid and pressure on the established order as more Aquarius energies emerge. He also looks […]

HEADS UP! Solar Return 2023 – Learn what lays ahead this year…

The most important point of the year collectively is defined at 12.00am by the Solar Return of the 1st January 2023. What does this celestial snapshot tell us? What does it mean for the year ahead? Join me as a do a quick Reprise of 2020 and 2022 to illustrate the importance of this event […]

KARMIC Connections 🔥 Venus Conjunct Pluto 1st January 2023

The year began with a sizzling link between the planet of power, Pluto, and the planet of sensuality and relating, Venus. Because this coincided with the beginning of 2023, relationships can take on a much higher frequency in all our lives over the next 12 months, and not those of only a romantic dimension. Please […]

Mercury Retrograde 29th December 2022 Astrology + Zodiac Sign Forecasts ALL 12 SIGNS!

Mercury, the planet of talk and thought, slams on the celestial brakes, as we view it from planet Earth, through to the 18th January 2023. Indeed, Mercury won’t emerge from its post Retrograde Shadow until the 17th of February, so what does this suggest for the next 6 weeks? Mercury Retrograde can of course seem […]