BREAKING NEWS Astrology of Trump Assassination Attempt Inside Track Video…

What does the astrology tell us about what has happened to Donald Trump? • Join me as I explore his Natal Chart, Secondary Progressed Chart & Transiting Chart for Butler at 6.11pm EDT. • The Mars and Conjunct Fixed Star Algol, which has a fearsome reputation, on his 10th House Cusp or where he connects […]

Mars in Taurus Six Week Special – Deep Dive Video + All Signs…

For six weeks from 9th June to 20th July, Mars powers through the Earth sign of Taurus. • However, as it starts its journey, it is in a mighty clash with Pluto, its co-regent of Scorpio. • With both located in Fixed signs, it’s going to be important to flex, or some very stubborn stand-off’s […]

Mercury into Gemini – Deep Dive Video + All Signs…

Monday 3rd June sees Mercury speed into the bubbly Air sign ruled Gemini. And for 15 days through to the 17th June we have a glorious chance to share ideas, meet up, mix and mingle and the pace of life will quicken noticeably. With the Winged Messenger the ruler of this sign, this can be […]

Venus Sextile Jupiter – ‘Luck Out!’ + All Signs!

Lovely Venus in Pisces aligns with Jupiter in Taurus, so this can be a great opportunity to connect with old friends and enjoy a reunion… Tweet

Relationship Truths – Venus Sagittarius Deep Dive Video + FREE All Signs…

The beguiling energies of Venus transition into the free-spirited Sagittarius for the next 25 days. • Join me as I explore the themes of this planet and how it will influence us in the sign of the Archer. • It is immediately squared up by the cold restrictive energies of Saturn in the watery Pisces. […]

Winter Solstice and Quarterly Astrology Forecast All Signs…

The Winter Solstice ushers in Cardinal Quadrant Four which lasts for the next 13 Weeks. • What IS the significance of this in terms of Western Tropical Astrology? • What is a Cardinal Quadrant? • What is the symbolism of this event for us all collectively? • How does the Astrology play for people in […]

Chiron Retrograde – Deep Healing Insights + JK Rowling, Elon Musk and Britney Spears Analyses…

On July 23rd, the Wounded Healer, Chiron, goes Retrograde for 19 weeks through to 6th December, in the sign of Aries. As it does it is forging a fine link to Mercury in the proud Leo, encouraging us to download as much information as we can to become better informed about healing ourselves. However, the […]

Mars in Gemini for over 7 months from 20th August 2022 Astrology DEEP DIVE inc RX + Zodiac Forecasts

Begins 20th August 2022 8.57am UCT London 3.57am EDT New York 2.57am PST Los Angeles 9.45am SAST Johannesburg 5.45pm AEST Sydney 1.15pm IST New Delhi -Retrograde Begins 30th October 2022 – Retrograde Ends 12th January 2023 -Total length of Retrograde of Mars in Gemini 74 days -Mars leaves Gemini March 25th 2023 -Total length of […]

2022 Saturn Special + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

Saturn has rather a dark reputation in astrology. Is it deserved? And what does Saturn bring to our lives that helps us? What does Saturn’s Retrograde through to 23rd October mean? If a person has Saturn Retrograde is that a hindrance, and if so, how can we deal with it. Please join me for my Saturn […]

Virgo New Moon 6th/7th September 2021+ Zodiac Sign Forecasts