Sagittarius Full Moon – Deep Dive Video + All Signs…

May 23rd June, sees the Sagittarius Flower Moon. This Sagittarius Full Moon asks us to handle documents and contracts with care. Journeys also need extra consideration. Choosing our words thoughtfully is also important. This year’s particular Sagittarius Full Moon is also quite fated. Join me to discover exactly why, with the role of Pluto especially […]

Healing Alert Virgo Full Moon from 25th February to 10th March 2024…

Healing Alert – Deep Dive Video Virgo Full Moon 25th February + All Signs… • Discover what the next two weeks hold for you. • With Saturn and Mercury close to the Sun our emotional situations may need care. • The Moon wants us to be practical, precise and ordered, but with Mercury in detriment […]

BIG ENERGY Gemini Full Moon Deep Dive Video + All Signs…

The Gemini Full Moon of the 27th of November, is likely going to have a very large impact on us all, collectively, as well as individually. Full Moons often bring an increase in tension, but this one really does have BIG ENERGY. And the key for the next week’s of its influence is how we […]

The Pisces Blue SuperMoon 30th/31st August – Reality Bites with Saturn + Mars Tangling Tensely…


Libra Full Moon HEAL YOUR RELATIONSHIPS with the support of Chiron and Jupiter + Zodiac Forecasts…

DEEP DIVE VIDEO – Libra Full Pink Moon 5th/6th April 2023. HEAL YOUR RELATIONSHIPS with the support of Chiron and Jupiter. This annual Libra Full Moon asks us to assess the balance between what we give and get in the most important relationships in our lives. With Venus the planet of relating sweetly angling to […]

Virgo Full Moon – Shuddering T Square with Mars – Deep Dive Special + Zodiac Forecasts all signs


Gemini Full Cold Moon Astrology – 7th/8th December + Zodiac Forecasts for ALL 12 SIGNS!

This year’s Gemini New Moon is supercharged by the intense energies of Mars, the planet of instant gratification. In fact, Mars is in a face off with the Sun for most of the week either side of the lunation itself, so prepare for intense discussions, and people reaching boiling point. There are so many polarised […]

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Pisces Full Moon 10th September 2022 Astrology + Zodiac Sign Forecasts