April 2024 Astrology Forecast – Total Solar Eclipse Conjunct Chiron + All 12 Signs!

This is a month with very many important astrological energies unfolding, not least the Total Solar Eclipse on the 8th of April, which gives us all, collectively, and extremely valuable opportunity to work on our inner identities. • Past issues can also need attention as Mars combines with both Saturn and Neptune. • However, with […]

Mercury in Aries for rare 10 week visit Deep Dive Video + All Signs…

Mercury has powered into Aries, urging us to embrace fresh thinking and new initiatives. But wait, the collective of energies in Pisces, can make this complex to achieve. • Deep Pluto provides the spark to the insights of what to plan forwards, and ignites passion. • The Pre Shadow begins on 19th March, the Retrograde […]

N Node Conjunct Chiron Presidential Special! + All 12 Signs!

The Mean North Node Conjuncts with Chiron today 5th March 2024. • The True Node Conjunction with Chiron was on 19th February 2024. • Either way it is the first time since 1969 that this has happened in Aries. The last time the two met in exact Unison was February 2008, in Aquarius and what […]

March 2024 Astrology Forecast inc…Spring Equinox & Lunar Eclipse + All 12 Signs!

The Sun and Jupiter are in a super alliance on the 1st, a great portent for the month ahead but the energies of Saturn ask to keep it real. • The North Node applies to Chiron in Aries on the 5th but is within a 3 degree orb all month, so a powerful opportunity to […]

March Astrology Overview EQUINOX, Lunar Eclipse + Deep Dives All Signs…

March is set to be such a powerful month. It begins with a gorgeous Sun/Jupiter Sextile but features the rare alliance of the North Node and Chiron on the 5th. The New Moon of the 10th links energetically to the electric vibe of Uranus. Pluto is set to be hugely influential linking in a fated […]

Healing Alert Virgo Full Moon from 25th February to 10th March 2024…

Healing Alert – Deep Dive Video Virgo Full Moon 25th February + All Signs… • Discover what the next two weeks hold for you. • With Saturn and Mercury close to the Sun our emotional situations may need care. • The Moon wants us to be practical, precise and ordered, but with Mercury in detriment […]

December 2023 Monthly Astrology Deep-Dive FESTIVE FORECAST + ALL SIGNS – Please See BELOW THE VIDEO!


Mercury in Virgo for 10 Weeks Inc Shadow Phases & Retrograde + All Zodiac Signs…

Mercury is in Virgo 28th July to 5th October 202310 Weeks Inc Shadow Phases & Retrograde + All Zodiac Signs What are the themes that we can expect of Virgo in Mercury? What does the Event Chart show? Why is Pluto important to this? Discover the Aspects that Mercury will encounter starting with an opposition […]

INSIDE TRACK! – Grand Cardinal Cross 22nd July 2023 – A BIG, BIG EVENT…

On July 23rd an incredibly powerful set of competing astrological influences which has been building tension all this week, reaches a climax. This when the Zodiac’s two most influential Planets, the Sun and Pluto are exactly opposite in Cancer and Capricorn respectively, but both are at right angles to the newly arrived Nodal Axis of […]

HEADS UP! Solar Return 2023 – Learn what lays ahead this year…

The most important point of the year collectively is defined at 12.00am by the Solar Return of the 1st January 2023. What does this celestial snapshot tell us? What does it mean for the year ahead? Join me as a do a quick Reprise of 2020 and 2022 to illustrate the importance of this event […]