Mercury Cazimi in Virgo – This CAN be LUCKY…6th September 2023

Mercury is Cazimi with the Sun in Virgo on 6th September 2023  • Join me for my special Inside Track Video.  • This is the THIRD of the FOUR Mercury Cazimi’s of 2024 all in Earth Element Signs. • And despite Mercury being in Retrograde and this event, being a Inferior Conjunction, with Mercury in […]

Mercury Retrograde DEEP DIVE VIDEO + Forecasts All Signs..

Mercury has been in its Pre Retrograde Shadow Phase since August 4th in the second of its two home signs after Gemini, of Virgo. This sees the planet slowing down and you may have already experienced some frustrations. However for 23 Days from the 23rd August to 15th September it is in Retrograde or RX. […]

Mercury in Leo – Mercury Sparkles Proudly in Leo! + All Signs…

Mercury zips through proud Leo from the 11th July to 28th July for 17 days. This is a wonderful chance for us to be more confident around expressing our ideas. We can share our artistic and creative talents, and also be more up for mixing and mingling. Yet what does the Natal Event Chart tell […]

Mercury Retrograde 2021 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts