Scorpio Full Pink Moon – Deep Dive Video inc All Signs…

The Scorpio Pink Full Moon of the 23rd/24th of April (dependent on location) sees the two rulers of Scorpio prominent. • Discover what the next two weeks holds for you personally, and us all collectively. At 4 Degrees 17′ this event sees a very tense T Square with Pluto at 2 Degrees and 12′. • […]

Weekly Astrology Video WC 22nd April 2024 + All Signs

The Full Moon in Scorpio will tease out into the open yet more financial corruption by those in power. • Also we will see disputes as those who hold the power, try to impose limiting financial circumstances on others. • Involved? Do you want the same things for the future? Is your sex life working? […]

Mercury Cazimi Aries 11th April – Heads Up Video

With so much energy compressed into the sign of Aries, what will this Mercury Sun Conjunction mean? • The Retrograde Mercury meets the advancing Sun whose warmth radiates into the planet of talk and thought. • This is the 2nd of six such events this year, but with Mercury in Retrograde this is known as […]

Clash of the Malefics Deep Dive Video inc All Signs…

The Clash of the Malefics is Exact 10th April 2024. • Saturn has pushed us to embrace the psychological sphere over the last year. • Now Mars comes along to test our progress. Why? Well, anything that is bubbling away in the depths, resentments, past hurts and wounds that are not fully resolved can surface, […]

Heads Up Video – Venus Sextile Pluto Passion & Friendship Combine!?

Venus Aries Sextile Pluto Aquarius – Passion & Friendship Heads Up Video… From the 4th to the 8th of April – and Exact on the 6th for the first time in over 2020 years the planet of love and money, Venus, in Aries, angles up to Pluto, in Aquarius in a 60 degree enabling Sextile […]

Venus is Conjunct Neptune in Pisces from 2nd (exact 3rd) to 5th April 2024…

Beautiful connections or great creativity are possible with one of the heaven’s most shimmering links. Join me to hear how this time around this event may have a feistier edge than it may first seem likely as the raw energies of edgy Mars are in the mix too.. Please Click/Tap for more… Tweet

April 2024 Astrology Forecast – Total Solar Eclipse Conjunct Chiron + All 12 Signs!

This is a month with very many important astrological energies unfolding, not least the Total Solar Eclipse on the 8th of April, which gives us all, collectively, and extremely valuable opportunity to work on our inner identities. • Past issues can also need attention as Mars combines with both Saturn and Neptune. • However, with […]

Venus Sextile Jupiter – ‘Luck Out!’ + All Signs!

Lovely Venus in Pisces aligns with Jupiter in Taurus, so this can be a great opportunity to connect with old friends and enjoy a reunion… Tweet

Weekly Astrology Forecast from 25th – 31st March + All Signs!

The week begins with one of 2024’s most influential events, the Total Solar Eclipse in Aries. What makes this so very profound is the link to Chiron, the so called Wounded Healer. With Venus and Jupiter bestowing fortune this can be a unique time for our personal but also collective evolution. However, Mercury is now […]

Spring/Vernal Equinox – Astrological New Year – Deep Dive Video inc All Signs…

20th March 2024 sees THE most important date in the Western Tropical Astrologically Year, which is predicated on the Seasons, not the moving “stars” like Sidereal/Vedic Astrology. This ushers in the Return of the Sun to Aries but this year, he forges the most incredibly powerful link to Pluto in Aquarius, the first Sextile between […]