Jupiter Conjunct True North Node Taurus First time since 1929! + Zodiac Sign Forecasts all signs…

Jupiter is Conjunct with the True North Node in Taurus. This is for the first time since 1929 in this sign and from 15th May to 15th June within 3 degrees peaking on 1st/2nd June (dependent on location) at 3 Degrees 37′. Join me to get the full story on why this is such a […]

How do the Sun & Ascendant differ? Choose which to watch or Discover your Personal Ascendant.

One of the questions I get asked most is, what IS the difference between the Sun and Ascendant? People also regularly ask me “which should I watch, the Sun or Ascendant”? Or if you don’t know your Personal Ascendant discover it now. Using Actor Leonardo Dicaprico’s Personal Horoscope I show you the different ways we […]

Mercury Stations Direct 15th May + Zodiac Forecasts. What does this REALLY MEAN?

Mercury ends its Retrograde which began on the 21st of April, on Monday 15th May. Does this mean that everything will flow perfectly from now around every day communications, technology and travel? Well, perhaps, but with the Moon and Neptune in a hyper sensitive combination the potential for information and messages to be distorted remains […]

Venus in Cancer Quincunx Powerful Pluto, Fated Relationships, Secrets Revealed + Zodiac Forecasts…

Venus in Cancer 2023 DEEP DIVE VIDEO – Enters 7th May 2023 2.25pm UT Leaves 5th June… Venus rules Taurus and Libra embracing money, self-worth, values, sensuality, desire, charm, cultivation, fashion, appearance, and relationships Venus in Cancer encompasses the home, decoration and furnishings, outdoor spaces, property matters, family interactions, protectiveness, privacy, sensitivity, nurture, warmth and […]

Pluto Retrograde ’til 11th October – Power, Control, Destiny and Desire + Zodiac Forecasts…

The tiny but potent Pluto Retrogrades until 11th October. Please join me to watch my Deep Dive Video. The planet of power and transformation rewinds first in Aquarius and then in Capricorn from the 11th of June. What are the themes of Pluto in Aquarius and Capricorn, and how will the Retrograde impact them? Learn […]