Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 7th March to 13th March 2022

Though Venus and Mars have jointly entered Aquarius, Patrick explains why it really is a very Piscean week, especially with the arrival of Mercury in the sign on Thursday and the Quarter Moon. Alyssa explores the Hermetic Wheel with the transition from the 9 to the 10 of Cups. The Word of Week Jar has […]

Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 28th February to 6th March 2022

With the conflict raging in the Ukraine, Patrick explores the astrology that may be informing events, but also the opportunities that exist for healing this week too with an uplifting Pisces New Moon, infused with the positivity of Jupiter. Alyssa shares the Hermetic Wheel Card of the Nine of Cups, the wonderful Tarot Card of […]