Uranus Direct 27th Jan to 1st Sept 2024 – Go, Go, Go! + Zodiac Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS…

Uranus goes Direct Deep Dive Video + All Signs – 27th January to 1st September 2024 • Uranus is the ruler of the sky in mythology. It encourages higher truths, is linked to astrology, innovation, freedom, change, individuality, and of embracing our uniqueness and authenticity. • He travels forward now by 8 Degrees and 10′ […]

North Node Conjunct Uranus and Mars Conjunct Uranus Astrology 2022 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

North Node Conjunct Uranus 18 degrees 41`minutes Taurus London 31st July 8.34pm BST New York 31st July 4.34pm EDT Los Angeles 31st July 11.34am PST Sydney 1st August 5.34am AEST New Delhi 1st August 1.04am IST Aspects North Node Conjunct Uranus Conjunct Mars sextile Venus in Cancer Mercury Leo Opposite Saturn RX Aquarius MP Leo […]