Mars in Libra – Setting Relationship Boundaries! + Zodiac Forecast ALL SIGNS

Mars in Libra 2023 – 27 Aug 2023 to October 12th 2023. • In entering Libra, feisty Mars moves into one of the most tender parts of its annual journey. • Libra is an Air sign and respects fairness, diplomacy and good relationships. • Here Mars can be disruptive but also help us to set our boundaries but […]

Uranus Retrograde 151 Days Deep Dive Video + Zodiac Forecast for All Signs…

Uranus goes Retrograde in Taurus from 29th August 2023 to 27th January 2024, an annual 5 five month event, and this year this totals 151 days.   • Join me to find a Higher Purpose + Zodiac Forecast ALL SIGNS – Deep Dive Video Special…  • Uranus Rewinds 4 Degrees in total, but how will this impact on your […]

Venus in Cancer Quincunx Powerful Pluto, Fated Relationships, Secrets Revealed + Zodiac Forecasts…

Venus in Cancer 2023 DEEP DIVE VIDEO – Enters 7th May 2023 2.25pm UT Leaves 5th June… Venus rules Taurus and Libra embracing money, self-worth, values, sensuality, desire, charm, cultivation, fashion, appearance, and relationships Venus in Cancer encompasses the home, decoration and furnishings, outdoor spaces, property matters, family interactions, protectiveness, privacy, sensitivity, nurture, warmth and […]

Spring Equinox – CARDINAL QUADRANT 1 – Three Month Forecast + Zodiac Forecasts DEEP DIVE…

Spring Equinox – CARDINAL QUADRANT 1 Three Month Forecast + Zodiac Forecasts DEEP DIVE VIDEO… The Vernal or Spring Equinox is the start of the Western Tropical Astrological Year which is based on the four seasons. The Sun returns to the first zodiac or Animal sign of Aries, the Ram. This is a Fire sign, […]

Sagittarius New Moon Astrology – 23rd/24th November + Zodiac Forecasts for ALL 12 SIGNS!


Mars in Gemini for over 7 months from 20th August 2022 Astrology DEEP DIVE inc RX + Zodiac Forecasts

Begins 20th August 2022 8.57am UCT London 3.57am EDT New York 2.57am PST Los Angeles 9.45am SAST Johannesburg 5.45pm AEST Sydney 1.15pm IST New Delhi -Retrograde Begins 30th October 2022 – Retrograde Ends 12th January 2023 -Total length of Retrograde of Mars in Gemini 74 days -Mars leaves Gemini March 25th 2023 -Total length of […]